Unsubscribing from courses and paid services and terminating / cancelling contracts

You can still cancel or terminate your contract or unsubscribe from a service with us in the normal, traditional way and without any problems using all the existing methods (e.g. e-mail, letter, depending on the contract also telephone, video chat or direct conversation).

However, German law requires the provision of a special cancellation “button” as an additional option for certain cases. If you have not already come here from a “cancellation button”, you can find it here: cancel your contract here-“button”. Just click at the “button”, and you will be on this page you are reading right now again and can read onwards. Which means you can actually also just read on anyway without clicking there, but just to make sure to have a “button” (although most lawyers seem agree it does not really need to be a “button” and a textlink suffices):

In the form displayed below, please provide information that will enable us to identify the contract(s) you wish to cancel or terminate, including paid subscriptions. (By the way: It does not matter on which of my websites you have concluded an agreement or booked a session. You can cancel all of them here, as this oage, by my having set a link here, is to be viewed as integrated into that othter site, as forming a whole).

We give you several options to fill in in the form. You are not obliged to fill in any information. However, if you do not provide any information, or if the information you provide is not sufficient to identify you and/or the contract(s) concerned, the cancellation / termination / unsubscription (henceforth: “cancellation”, “termination” or “cancellation / termination”) may, depending on how exact you word (or not), lead to the legal invalidity of your declaration, at least if you cannot be identified. Else, your declaration will have to be interpreted. Normally, if you do not give data that allows to identify that you wish to cancel only (a) certain contract(s) and, of course, to identify that contract or those contracts, your declaration may have to be understood as a cancellation / termination of all of our contracts.

Therefore, if you do not provide any information at all that identifies you here, and you still wish to terminate your contract(s), please provide that information to us either nevertheless here, or by other means. If we cannot identify you or the contract – how should we confirm the cancellation? How should we know for whom and what to cancel? And if you do not enter an e-mail address, we cannot confirm the cancellation immediately by e-mail. So we would be glad if you could enter your e-mail address, although you can send the form without entering your address.

Without your e-mail address and contract number (or other information suitable for identification instead of the number), we cannot legally assign your cancellation to a contract.

If it is necessary and the information is sufficient to contact you but still insufficient to identify you, we could try to contact you for further identification. Depending on the facts of the case, this might even be our legal obligation.

If you would like a later date than the immediate termination or cancellation in accordance with statutory deadlines (we allow cancellation / termination with immediate effect for all our contracts, unless the law forbids that), please enter this request in the appropriate field or in the message area.

By clicking on the button below the form, you submit and confirm your cancellation / termination of the contract(s).

Before clicking on the button, you can, of course, print the content of this page using the print function of your browser, “print” it to a PDF-file and save it or take screenshots and save them.  After clicking the button, i.e. after confirming your cancellation, you will receive a confirmation from us. It includes a confirmation of your text as you entered it including time and date in the form of a PDF-file attached to the e-mail. Please do check your spam folder in case it should not arrive. You can print it and you can save it on your computer or another device or data storage device.

As always, my privacy policy applies.

    (The form will hopefully work perfectly. Nevertheless: In the unlikely case you should find any trouble with using the form, please do not hesitate to let me know – and remember, you can always also cancel by all the traditional means applicable, e.g. by e-mail.)