In the future, we may have a range of prices depending on the type of service offered here. For the moment, generally, one consultation of 2 hours will cost 120 Euro or its equivalent in your currency at the time of payment, including all taxes, especially VAT.

I suggest to book a two hour consultation at least initially to give us enough time to really address your question in adequate depth. If we should realise that less time is needed, or if you feel we have already achieved what you sought, we can finish early and the price will be adapted accordingly.

If you should prefer a one hour or one and a half hour session, those would be possible, too.

If you would like to rather have a chat first about how I might help you, feel free to reach out through mail (for free, of course), try to call me by phone (if you reach me directly, you are in luck and we can talk a bit without any obligation for you, completely free about whether or how I might help you, if you should only reach my answering machine, please leave me your e-mail contact details or contact me by mail after all, as I cannot promise to call back on international calls).

If you should feel more comfortable with a video session to see how I might be of service,  you could book a video session of 15 minutes for 15 Euro. If you should then book further sessions, if you notify me, you would get a discount of 15 Euro for the first session! To book, just send me an e-mail with a few time frames / dates which would work for you, and we should find a way.

For briefing services, please inquire for current prices.


Ways of Payment

You can pay by bank transfer (I can offer a variety of bank accounts in various countries, including, but not limited to German and Australian ones, feel free to ask), Wise, PayPal, credit card (through PayPal), and if you ask, it is quite possible that I would also accept Bitcoin, Ether or IOTA. Cash is also an option for in-person consultations. In the future, you may find links here directly to online payment options, at the moment, for technical reasons, we will deal with it by e-mail or during a phone or video conversation. (The assessment 15 minutes session can be paid afterwards. For sessions longer than that, advance payment is required.)


Ending a coaching, course or contract

If you would like to stop a coaching or leave a course, if we have concluded a contract and if, one day, you would like to cancel / terminate it (e.g. because we have reached your aim and you do not need me any longer), do not worry. Just drop me an e-mail or use our  cancel your contract here-button (click at the button/text).



Just drop me an e-mail.


Don’t feel like booking at the moment, but would like to stay in contact?

Sign up to my newsletter (details here on my general services site). Just drop me an e-mail, it can be empty, but write “Subscribe to Newsletter” into the subject line or into the text. If you like, add “Investigator of Truth” there, so that I know your potential interest in this service.