Is there anything specific you would like to know in the spiritual or esoteric field? Is there anything you would like to research but either could not find our for yourself or have not had the time yet to do so?

Are there secrets you want or need to know?

I might be able to help you. Through my long experience of research in the field, I have amassed a wealth of knowledge. Sometimes rather general, but being a generalist is sometimes the best way to see connections and parallels, and to grasp where, in the core, lies identity and thus the core to understanding.

Because of my academic background as a Doctor of Laws and a former scientific assistant in the law of nations and tutor in German public law at the University of Tübingen and alumni of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation, I bring the intellectual knowledge for and experience in research that can give form to and work together with my intuitive and holistic approach to examining and finding out what is relevant. My international experience as a Coordinator for International Relation, teacher and lecturer and my knowledge in various languages (German, English, intermediate French, Spanish and Japanese and, int. al., basic Russian and Mandarin) helps with worldwide investigations and enlisting further help where needed (and agreed upon).

Furthermore, if you wish to keep the research quiet, you need not worry about secrecy: As a former member of a secret unit of the EloKa-forces in the German Fedearl Armed Forces, I held a security clearance and know what matters.

So, if there is a burning desire within you to know more, consider using my services. Prices for shorter research will be by the hour (in that case 70 Euro, including VAT and all other taxes), if travelling has to occur, daily rates and, depending on research locations, danger bonus might apply, and travel and accomodation costs as well as other necessary expenses will have to be reimbursed.

Of course, before any more costly measures would be taken, I would get back to you to leave it totally up to your decision. And we can agree on intervals in which to report back to you so that you have optimal cost control.

So do not hesitate to contact me for free, and we can consider what you seek and see if and how I might be able to help. This initial consultation will not cost you anything.

And you are free to terminate the relationship anytime you like. It is always possible for you to cancel / terminate any contract with me you may have. Just send me an e-mail or use our cancel your contract here-button (click at the button/text).