Knowledge Courses

Are you curious about how the world really works? Have you heard so often that there are things, events happening beyond what you are being told by the media? Have you been looking into conspiracy theories?

What is true? What isn’t? And how can you – best – react?

Or would you simply like to develop yourself and are looking for the best way to do this?

If you are looking for answrs to any of these questions, my courses are right for you to have a closer look at.

I offer two main pathways, although if you contact me, we can devise other courses specifically for your needs.

I. Pathways

1. The Explanation of the World

An all-encompassing explanation of what is happening at present as well as developments in the past that lead to this and how to best deal with it all.

This includes…..

2. Spiritual Pathways

Krishnamurti once said “Truth is a pathless land“. This I deem true. Nothing really needs to be looked for, to be discussed… All That There Is simply IS.

Here and Now.

And that is also the caveat: do not get lost in any theoretical explorations. Perceive. Be.

Yet, if you are curious about what religions and spiritual paths exist in the world, from the perspective of human beings, if you feel attracted to walking them for a bit… I might be a good person to lay out some details as to some of these possibilities. I have studied many relgions, I have looked into New Age possibilities, and I have acquired a broad overview over different perspectives.

So if you want to spare the time to research it all for yourself, it is fun. But if you immediately want to get to the core teachings, those that you can find as the essence of any true religion, and of any true path, I could give you a few hints.

II. Form of the Course

These courses can be taken either by teleclass (Skype or another audio or video chat option we agree upon), on the phone (phone costs apply) or as a correspondence course. Both have their advantages. It might be helpful, though, if we could see and talk to each other directly, to more spontaniously address what ought to be address. Of corse, combinations are possible, too.

III. If you would like to end or leave the course

If you would like to end or leave the course, do not worry: It is always possible for you to cancel / terminate any contract with me you may have. Just drop me an e-mail or use our  cancel your contract here-button (click at the button/text).