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The aim of our services is to help / assist you in  coming closer to and reaching what you really want in life, both in terms of getting a better idea as well as in help of pursuing it.

Both your looking for your path as well as your walking it are covered in my offers:

What you can you get here


  • We will both analyse your situation in detail and then look for immediate measures of relief and remedy as well as look at the reasons for how this situation could arise and for methods how to prevent this from ever happening again.Furthermore, we will then (or at the same time, depending on your case) find further ways of improving what you wish to improve in order to help you get into the positive position you want to be in.
  • advice


Training of Situations

How can you get it

You can get

telephone (Skype/Messenger) and personal counselling sessions

written general instructions and advice

written advice tailored to your needs.

Simply send me an email to get into contact!

“Special Options”

If you are looking for special options, check out our Knowledge Course, our Kids’ Class, our Investigator-Option for the adventurous, curious or busy ones, and if you have something in mind you cannot find, just ask. Also have a look at our links, where you can find some links to special services and helpful information both by me and others.