Kids’ Class

I have extensive experience as a teacher at high schools (including a Steiner School, although my approach is not limited to Waldorf knowledge) and a private instructor (after school lessons).

From this experience, combined with assessing what I can give your child in each individual case, I can offer guiding your child in developping his or her abilities and gifts and in expannding his or her outlook on life beyond the materialistic approach of many schools.

I do not follow a particular spiritual path, but I am open to many and have a basic knowledge in order to use terms and explain in a way, that there should be no friction with the essence of the Path your child is walking. It is my aim to provide help in walking his own way, giving stimulation and support.

These lessons can be conducted both as a group lesson, if enough students who would fit togther would take part, as well as single lessons, and they can take place both at location (you might want to contact me to find out where I am and let me know who you are; travelling and accomodation expenses would apply) or as tele classes via Skype or another video chat or messenger of our choice.